Best Santoku Knife

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An attractive Santoku Bocho Knife made with stainless steel. It has eye-catching features like a razor-sharp blade and a beautiful handle. It can do a variety of cutting tasks. Japanese chefs highly recommend this knife for multi-purpose use.



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Best Santoku Knife

The Santoku is a classic Japanese knife that is amazing because of its many features. The best Santoku knife has great specifications that we need for delicious meal prep. Moreover, Fusion uses top-quality material to make the Japanese knife, Santuko.

  • Precision cutting with a fine-edge blade
  • Wooden handle with rivets
  • Ridges to prevent food from sticking
  • Well-balanced handle with great stability and grip
  • Long-lasting durable stainless-steel blade

The Japanese knife santoku

Nowadays, some of the top chefs are Japanese, and their cuisine is one of the most-liked foods around the world. Moreover, their cutlery is also loved by people. Santuko is a hybrid between their traditional Nakiri and Western chef knife. Hence, it has the qualities of both classic knives.

The best Santoku knives means three virtues, it gives you great chopping, cutting, and dicing. In addition, the knife should have amazing specifications to do these tasks, and that’s exactly what Fusion offers. Therefore, the design of our knife Santoku is exquisite.

Marvelous blade & handle

Starting from the blade, you have a tipped edge around the top. This helps you make the rock motion that’s great for mincing and dicing. Furthermore, you can also do slicing or general cutting using this knife. The knife has an excellent hardness that helps keep the edge sharp.

Moreover, the blade has hallows that help release food while cutting. The stainless steel material of the knife gives you long and durable usage.

We make the handle of the best Santoku knife with wood. Hence, you get a fantastic grip on it, and you can do your kitchen tasks quickly. In addition, the Fusion knife is a great choice for both home cooks and chefs.

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We know for sure that with such tempting specifications, it would also be difficult for you to resist buying such a stunning knife. Therefore, add the best Santoku knife to your Fusion cart now and enjoy preparing food with this classic beauty.

Manufacturing Method: Handmade

Blade Material: Stainless Steel, Razor-Sharp

Handle Material: Olivewood with Brass Rivets, Full Tang

Hardness: 50-60 HRC

Blade Length: 6.5 inch

Handle Length: 4.5 inch

Overall Length: 11 inch

Knife Weight: 280g

5 reviews for Best Santoku Knife

  1. John Max

    I really like this knife. It’s tough, great blade, great handle. I would recommend it to anyone.

  2. Smith

    This Santoku is an amazing example of fine craftsmanship. Unbelievable quality, the finest knife I have ever seen. Extremely sharp with a comfortable handle makes it a pleasure to use. This knife will be a family heirloom.

  3. Lisa John

    I am so glad that I made this purchase.these knives are sharp and sturdy!seems like made of quality material.arrived on time,good condition.

  4. Smith

    These knives are awesome! I used the larger one today to cut flank steak and it was like cutting through butter! So happy with this purchase!!

  5. Rupert Dickstein

    Another great addition to the best kitchen knives is the new Boning Knife Company product line. The company introduced a collection of chef cutlery in January of 2021. Unlike some chef knife companies that release a new knife just once a year, the Boning Knife Company releases new products every six months.

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