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About Fusion Layers

We are fifth-generation blacksmiths who have been forging and creating knives from Damascus and stainless steel for well over 100 years now. Hammer and heat are the two best friends we have. In other words, we play with fire to create the world’s best and most enduring blades.

At the footsteps of the Himalayan mountain range lays our small town where we have known only one thing to do for centuries, forging steel to create a variety of stainless steel knives, swords, hammers, and daggers.

Forging, Damascus, and stainless steel are all we discuss in the evenings when men come to Baithk (a traditional gathering place of our town) to relax after a hard day’s work. As a result, the decades-old techniques of our trade transfer from generation to generation. About only change that has taken place in the last few years are the natural gas ovens, as we do not like cutting our precious trees. Likewise, electricity has made milling and grinding easier for us instead of doing it manually. However, our elders still believe in sanding a knife the old-fashioned way, with hand!

In addition to our strong wristed men, our women can tell you a thing or two about forging and the hardness of a stainless steel blade. Moreover, they will not let you leave without a good meal made from barley bread and eaten with yogurt curry mixed with muttonchops.
We believe in giving a persona to everything we carve. In other words, everything we make has a certain character. You will get to know this character after using it for few times.

To achieve perfection, all of our manufacturing takes place within our facilities. That is to say, from forging to carving the handle of our blades, everything is our own hard work.

We take lots of pride in what we make, that is why we offer 100% satisfaction and offer a money-back guarantee on everything that has our name on it.

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