Blue Wooden Handle Nakiri Knife

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A classic 13 inch Nakiri chef knife with a blue wooden handle. The knife is amazing for thin and precise slicing and dicing. It’s an excellent knife for meal prep.



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Nakiri Chef Knife – Your New Best Friend!

It usually takes hours to cook and minutes to eat. Your new best friend will eliminate this problem. The 13-inch Nakiri chef knife is impeccable in size and weight that works well for both home cooks and chefs. It gives you fine chopping, cutting, and slicing to create delicious meals.

When buying a knife, it all comes down to the specifications. What has the knife to offer you? Can it be your lifelong companion in the kitchen? The answer with the Fusion Nakiri knife is YES! You get a knife with which you can have the most amazing cooking experience.

Let’s Cut!

Starting with the tip of the knife, you get a sharp tip that helps draw sections of your food item. Let’s take an onion, for instance. You can get the Nakiri chef knife straight inside the onion with its tipped wide rectangular blade. Nakiri has a blade wider than a regular chef knife. Moreover, the wide-blade surface gives you lots of space to chop big to small food items. You can also stack multiple carrot pieces and slice numerous layers at once.

The Damascus blade makes this knife a masterpiece. It’s completely handmade with more than 500 layers forged together. It makes the pattern on the blade exceptionally stunning. Furthermore, the Damascus blade stays sharp for a long time.

The Grip!

Then you get a sturdy yet beautiful two-toned wooden handle. The wooden handle gives you a fantastic grip. You get more control over your knife. Hence, you do meal prepping easily and faster. It also has strong rivets and a steel bolster. Both these specifications make your knife strong.

Therefore, welcome healthy cooking with the perfect Nakiri chef knife. Get to have fun while prepping for yummy healthy dishes. You’ll feel like a master chef while chopping with its sharp edge.

Manufacturing Method: Handmade

Blade Material: Razor-Sharp, Damascus Steel

Handle Material: Resin + Bone + Steel Bolster

Hardness: 50-55 HRC

Blade Length:  8.5 inch

Handle Length: 4.5 inch

Overall Length: 13 inch

Knives Weight: 268g

2 reviews for Blue Wooden Handle Nakiri Knife

  1. Francisco

    An excellent knife holds an amazing edge and is cheep enough you don’t feel to bad working with it.

  2. Joe

    look good and the quality are so fantastic.

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