Mega Stellar Set

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A mega stellar knife set! The most exceptional set with amazing 9 knives. The best professional chef knife set is best for preparing the delicious food. The size of all chef knives is suitable so that it yields the best results.



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Each specification of the knife is amazing. Talking about the blades, we can’t forget to tell you that they are sharp enough to ensure the precise cutting of meat, vegetables, fruits, or any other ingredients. The size of all chef knives is suitable so that it yields the best results. The lengths and shape of the knife handle also play an important role as the accurate size and design ensure that the chef is not hurt while a good cutting experience is maintained.

The chef knife set complements your kitchen’s bar counter, dining table, or crockery showcase. The colour of the wood, the finishing of the blades, and polished edges make the set suitable to gift to a friend or family member. This solid design of the chef knives is easy to clean, dry, or wash while not affecting its longevity or precision.

Manufacturing Method: Handmade

Blade Material: Stainless Steel, Razor-Sharp

Handle Material: Olivewood with Brass Rivets, Full Tang

Hardness: 50-60 HRC

Set Weight: 2800 g

Set Includes:
Boning Knife :

Overall Length:  11 inch
Blade Length:     6.5 inch
Handle Length:  4.5 inch

Best Boning Knife

Santoku Knife :

Overall Length:   11 inch
Blade Length
:      6.5 inch
Handle Length
:   4.5 inch

best santoku knife

Utility Knife :

Overall Length:  9 inch
Blade Length:     5 inch
Handle Length:  4 inch

Best Utility Knife

Bread Knife :

Overall Length:  15.3 inch
Blade Length:     10.5 inch
Handle Length:   4.8 inch

serrated bread knife

Cheese Knife :

Overall Length:   9.5 inch
Blade Length:      5.5 inch
Handle Length:   4 inch

cheese knife

Paring Knife :

Overall Length:   8 inch
Blade Length:      4 inch
Handle Length:   4 inch

vegetable knives

Steak Knife :

Overall Length:  9.5 inch
Blade Length:     5 inch
Handle Length:  4.5 inch

Steak Knife

Chef Knife :

Overall Length:   12.5 inch
Blade Length:      8 inch
Handle Length:   4.5 inch

Professional Chef Knife

Meat Cleaver :

Overall Length:   12.5 inch
Blade Length:      8 inch
Handle Length:   4.5 inch
Blade width:        3.5 inch

meat cleaver

6 reviews for Mega Stellar Set

  1. Tolley Marney

    I asked the guys to specifically make me an extra 8 inch bread knife in the set and it was not a problem for them. Amazing craftsmanship. the knives are weighty and well balanced.

  2. Berry Burgess

    I was searching a set of knives for my son who is in a culinary school. Going to present him on his birthday.

  3. Scott Heals

    Great collection of knives for a professional chef. highly recommended.

  4. Jack Mac

    Item areived on time, seller

  5. Tracy Samuel

    Very impressed, super sharp, and sturdy

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