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A great all-purpose stag handle chef knife. The one of its kind chef knife has a marvelous Damascus raindrop pattern. Its blade is also sharp to cut perfect meat blocks.



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Cooking can be fun unless you have to do lots of cutting. In other words, lots of cutting takes the fun away from cooking. How can a Fusions Damascus Chef knife reduce your workload of cutting?

What kind of knife is suitable for heavy cutting?

Mostly cutting vegetables, herbs and meats take more human effort than any other task in the kitchen. Therefore, this one task can have a significant impact on your cooking. Hence, a knife plays an essential part in reducing the effort and time of heavy cutting.

You should consider five things when you select a chef knife for a heavy workload.

Choose a knife with a thicker spine. In other words, a knife with a thick spine from handle to tip will slide through more quickly than a knife with a thin spine. Hence, the Fusion Damascus Chef Knife has an extra thick spine.

What’s the difference between the rocking and pushing types of cutting?

Rocking is better than pushing. You move a rocking knife up and down when cutting. In contrast, you have to ‘push’ a straight blade. Why? It’s all in the shape of the knife. A rocking knife has a belly. In other words, it’s curved.

In comparison, a pushing blade is straight. While using a rocking knife, you mainly use your wrist. Most of the work is done by the weight of the knife. On the other hand, a pushing knife involves the movement of your whole hand; hence it takes more effort. The Fusion Damascus Chef knife is a rocking knife with a belly. Therefore, it takes less effort to cut with this knife.

Why does Bevel play a vital role in heavy cutting?

Bevel plays a pivotal role in cutting. It should be of reasonable length. Furthermore, it should be easy to sharpen. The Fusions Damascus Chef Knife has both qualities. Firstly, it has a unique 9-inch bevel (Notice how it’s extended at the handle). Secondly, it’s made from the best 50-55 HRC carbon steel. Therefore, it’s easy to sharpen.

What’s a full tang handle?

A full tang handle offers you better control than any other type of handle. Undoubtedly, you should be using a full tang handle if you have to use your chef knife for long hours. So, what’s a full tang handle? It’s the kind of handle in which the blade runs back to the end of the handle. A full tang handle offers you more control; therefore, the knife has a lot less slippage. The Fusions Damascus Chef knife has a carbon steel full tang handle.

A knife should be beautiful, especially when you have to use it for long hours. And that’s precisely what Fusions Damascus Chef knife is! Indeed, we have only one word to say about its raindrop Damascus pattern: It’s mesmerizing!

In conclusion, if you have lots of cuttings to do or are just looking for a heavy-duty chef knife. Then Fusions Damascus Chef knife is what you need.

Manufacturing Method: Handmade

Blade Material: Razor-Sharp, Damascus Steel

Handle Material: Resin + Bone + Steel Bolster

Hardness: 50-55 HRC

Blade Length: 8.5 inch

Handle Length: 4.5 inch

Overall Length: 13 inch

Knife Weight: 327g

7 reviews for Damascus Chef Knife

  1. Rachel Duff

    A brand new, damascus steel knife is expected to be incredibly sharp. Indeed it is!! But what impresses me the most is how comfortable it feels in my hand and it makes slicing, chopping so much enjoyable rather than making me feel fatigue and crampy after using it for a while.

  2. Brandi Hollis

    Cannot believe how easy it is to use this knife, and to be honest it makes me want to cook and dice things up even more. It cuts through the items so effortlessly.

  3. Lina

    Love these knives. Very sharp and very well made. I don’t know how or why they are so cheap but excellent buy for the money.

  4. Ryan

    This knife is awesome, glides through everything like its butter. The metal they used is absolutely amazing.

  5. Diego

    It cuts everything flawlessly no matter is meat, fruits or vegetables even the fish bone can be easy sliced it .

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