Blue Wooden Handle All-Purpose Knife

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All Purpose Knife – one of the most versatile knives. Must-have in the kitchen. – All-purpose – Great grip – Sale price. Order now!



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All-Purpose Knife – The Best Kitchen Utensil

Imagine it’s the middle of the night, and you’re hungry. You got no option but to make your own food. You might want quick meal prep at this hour. For this purpose, we have a best friend for you. An all-purpose knife that has the utmost specifications you can find in a knife.

What Does This Knife have?

Starting with the handle of the knife, we have a marvelous white and blue wooden handle. The full tang knife is robust and reliable. It also has strong rivets that make it a top-quality knife. Furthermore, the center rivet has a beautiful motif on it as well. We take care of each detail very carefully.

Next up is the steel bolster. It makes knife making more expensive, but we are here to give you the best thing possible. It strengthens the knife so you can have long-lasting use. Moreover, it gives you a great grip, and helps in heavy chopping.

Now, let’s come towards the blade. The blade of the all-purpose knife is real Damascus steel. Each layer is hand-forged to make a strong knife. The craftsmen hammer and create a minimum of 256 layers. In addition, the wavy pattern looks beautiful on the knife. This will for sure be the most stunning cutlery you own.

Fusion craftsmen have years of experience. Therefore, they make an excellent high-performing knife. This multi-purpose knife is helpful for almost all kitchen tasks. Hence, it’s an excellent and must-have knife. Likewise, another name for an all-purpose knife is a chef knife.

Fusion knives are a best friend for anyone who enjoys cooking. You can also gift it to yourself or your loved ones. It’s a fantastic gift for anyone because of its versatile uses.

Manufacturing Method: Handmade

Blade Material: Razor-Sharp, Damascus Steel

Handle Material: Blue Color Wooden Steel Bolster

Hardness: HRC 50-55

Layers:  256

Blade Length: 7 inch

Handle Length: 4.5 inch

Overall Length: 11.5 inch

Knives Weight: 240g

5 reviews for Blue Wooden Handle All-Purpose Knife

  1. Stephen

    I always wanted a Damascus chef knife and I finally got this since one of my friends recommended it to me. And, it has really improved my chopping and cutting skills.

  2. Hollis

    This is a perfectly balanced knife and I feel comfortable using every day.

  3. Ivelyn

    Awesome blade for an awesome price. The weight distribution is good

  4. Griffin

    I love this knife, this is really my first high quality knife and I am loving everything about it!

  5. Gary

    i love it.

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