Chef Knives Set Camel Bone Handle

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Every kitchen has different sorts of foods in them. This chefs knife set is a perfect helper in the kitchen. It gives you a fine carving.

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Perfect set of 6 Damascus Chefs Knife.

Every kitchen has different sorts of foods in them. Therefore, we want to give you a precise Chefs Knife for each one of your diverse uses. In other words, this chef’s knife set is a perfect helper in the kitchen. Indeed, it gives you a fine carving and cutting experience in the kitchen.

Let us introduce to you this fantastic Chef’s Knife Set. The set includes six high-quality chef’s knife. Indeed, these knives are ready to come to help you in your kitchen. You will, for sure, welcome them warmly after learning what they have to offer you. Let’s get into the details of these knives (from the right).

The first is perfect for any work in the kitchen. In other words, you can use it to cut a sandwich, vegetable etc. At the same time, the second knife is a fantastic chef knife.

The smaller chefs knife for the delicate work.

Furthermore, the third knife has saw-tooth edges that work amazingly with bread and bangles. It’s an excellent bread knife.

Moreover, the fourth is a perfect fish carving knife; it lets you pick out the bones with its pointy shape. Therefore, it’s the best filet knife.

The fifth knife is a vegetable knife. It’s also called a cleaver. It gives you accurate and thin slices of vegetables that go beautifully on the plate. Undoubtedly, the knife works magically.

Finally, the sixth short knife is an excellent and easy to handle knife. You can cut fine slices of vegetables or meat with it.

In conclusion, this set is a kitchen master that’s helpful for all those who love to cook.

Manufacturing Method: Handmade

Blade Material: Damascus Steel

Handle Material: Steel Bolster + Camel Bone + Pakka wood

Hardness: 50-55 HRC

Blade Length: 3.5 inch + 6 inch + 7.5 inch + 6 inch + 8 inch + 9.5 inch

Handle Length: 4.5 inch + 4.5 inch + 5 inch + 5 inch + 5 inch + 5.5 inch

Overall Length: 8 inch + 10.5 inch + 12.5 inch + 11 inch + 13 inch + 15 inch

Knives Weight: 165g + 170g + 261g + 197g + 291g + 335g

Sheath Weight: 470g

Overall Weight: 1889g

Number of Knives: 6

9 reviews for Chef Knives Set Camel Bone Handle

  1. Stella

    These knives are absolutely fantastic. They are very sharp, the pattern is perfect. Care is important on them, which is expected with this product. The weight on them is just right, and again they are very sharp.

  2. Robert William

    This a very nice quality knife, it is well balanced and very sharp. It is advertised as a 6″ utility knife but reminds me of a smaller chefs knife. My wife uses this knife instead of my 8″ chef knives, it fits her grip better.

  3. Franklin

    Super happy with this purchase of knife set. I think this is the best knife set in 250 dollars can buy.

  4. Elon Thomes

    Very Gorgeous product and amazing quality

  5. Lucas

    Great experience on a well designed site and fast shipping. They have knives I couldn’t find anywhere else.

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