Blue Wooden Handle Kitchen Devil

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Eye-catching wavy Damascus blade kitchen knife. This small 7.5 inch Japanese-style Santoku is a delight in the kitchen. Its sharp and small blade gives chefs a wonderful experience.



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Japanese Knives – The Ruler

Fusion presents you with the Kitchen ruler. It might be a somewhat daunting name, but that’s all for genuine reasons. It’s because of how these Japanese knives treat vegetables, fruit, or meat.

The Uses

Santuko means three uses chopping, cutting, and slicing and with the Japanese knives, it means much more. Hence, the small blade means that it can get into the ingredient delicately. Its pointed tip lets you get inside the vegetable, fruit, or meat to get the cut of your shape. Moreover, you can also crave food with the help of its tip. It has the same wide blade below the tip. Therefore, you can chop tiny food items more accurately. Furthermore, you might cook for a single serving at times. This knife can chop up small quantities quickly. Hence, the ruler is perhaps the best name for this knife.

The Details

Furthermore, we make the blade with the original Damascus steel technique. The Japanese knives has about 256 layers forged together to create powerful steel with stunning wavy patterns. Just looking at craftsmen making these knives is an opera.

The kitchen ruler has a swift blade to tackle the gangster ingredients in your recipe. This complete 7.5-inch kitchen knife stands out for its amazing blade and handle. The blade is 3.5, which might seem small, but it’s a lot more helpful and easy to use as compared to other knives. However, the handle is 4-inch long, so you can get a fantastic grip. The material our craftsmen use to make the knife is wooden. In addition, we use strong rivets to join the scales.

The Japanese knives might be the most unique knife in your kitchen, but all for good reasons. We hope you enjoy working with it as much as we do.

Manufacturing Method: Handmade

Blade Material: Razor-Sharp, Damascus Steel

Handle Material: Resin + Bone + Steel Bolster

Hardness: 50-55 HRC

Blade Length: 3.5 inch

Handle Length: 4 inch

Overall Length: 7.5 inch

Knives Weight: 158g

3 reviews for Blue Wooden Handle Kitchen Devil

  1. Elmo

    This knife is very good. Its handle is easy to hold. i will give it 4 stars because it came a little late.

  2. Javier

    Bought this as a gift but tested it out first. I found the handle plenty strong. Good action. The blade is a nice shape and length

  3. Allen

    Blade quality are so amaze

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