Usuba Bocho

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A long 14.5 inch Japanese Usuba bocho with a beautiful bone and wood green handle. The Usuba Bocho is marvelous for fine slices to large meat cuts.



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Japanese Nakiri knife

Fusion brings you a Japanese Nakiri knife made with the amazing Damascus steel. The beauty has hand forged layers and bone and wood handle.

Chopping up a Storm

Get ready to have fun while cooking. Let’s start with the veggies. Bring out a long carrot and cut it using the excellent long-bladed Japanese Nakiri knife. Then after cutting thin slices, chop it up. You’ll feel amazing using the sharp-bladed knife. It has a great sharp edge to do quick cooking prep. Moreover, the blade is also wide and gives you an easy-to-use experience. You get precise cuts from the Fusion Nakiri knife.

That’s why chefs usually prefer using Nakiri for thin peels, slices, chops, minces, and for making decorative cuts. Home chefs also find it perfect since it has multiple specifications. This knife can be your best companion while chopping up a storm.

Cutting the Meat

One of the reasons it’s because of an Usuba is because it’s double-beveled. It has a straight edge for a nice even cut. The sturdy and sharp tip gets straight inside the ingredient you want to cut. Furthermore, it has a sharp and strong blade. You can also cut fish and meat using this knife. Hence, you can thinly slice delicious pieces of Tuna for your Sushi as well. You can also cut other types of meat with it.

Handle of the Knife

The knife handle has stunning green and red colors. In addition, the bone and wood handle gives you a marvelous grip. Moreover, great control doesn’t get you tired. You can swish and chop large to tiny food items in a jiffy. Get to feel the magic when you chop food with this Japanese Nakiri knife. You’ll feel like the chef Julia Child.

Manufacturing Method: Handmade

Blade Material: Razor-Sharp, Damascus Steel

Handle Material: Black Dollar Wood + Bone

Hardness: 50-55 HRC

Blade Length: 9.5 inch

Handle Length: 5 inch

Overall Length: 14.5 inch

Knife Weight: 335g

2 reviews for Usuba Bocho

  1. Kyne

    This is such a good looking knife that I purchased.

  2. Roman

    Its round green handle is so amazing, its design is delightfull

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