Handmade Damascus Paring Knife

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A wonderful 8″ paring knives for delightful food preparation. The knife handle has an amazing handle for a comfortable experience for the cooks. As a result, this paring knife is the most sought out knife in the kitchen. Handle length of 4″ gives the user a sense of control.



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Damascus Paring Knife is essential

Original Damascus steel paring knife. With a wood and bone handle. Highly recommended by top chefs.

At Fusion, we get asked a question quite frequently, “Which are the two most essential knives I should have?” Undoubtedly, we always have the same answer: A Chef knife and a Paring knife. Almost everyone understands that a chef knife is essential in the kitchen. However, the choice of a Paring knives as one of the two critical cutting tools surprises many. Many people are not familiar with the diverse uses of a Paring knives.

Once you cut meat into smaller pieces, this knife is use to trim fat from the meat or fillet a small fish. Similarly, it is suitable for ‘deveining’ prawns. Moving on to vegetables, you use it to peel and slice potatoes and herbs.

Fusion Paring knife has multiple uses

A Paring knife has diverse uses. For example, you can use it to remove seeds, carve fruits, and check the tenderness of the meat. Indeed, not all Paring knives are create equal. The fusion Paring knives is unique in two ways.

This knife made from Damascus steel with 50-55 hardness. Therefore, it is vital and beautiful, as it has an intricate twisted ladder pattern.

Finally, this knife has a hand-carved 4-inch hand, made from American wood and camel bone.

Manufacturing Method: Handmade

Blade Material: Razor-Sharp, Damascus Steel

Handle Material: American Wood and Camel Bone, Half Tang

Hardness: 50-55 HRC

Blade Length: 4 inch

Handle Length: 4 inch

Overall Length: 8 inch

Knife Weight: 173g

4 reviews for Handmade Damascus Paring Knife

  1. Sterling

    This knife is great in every way for a $25. The one I got had excellent fit and finish and crazy sharp..

  2. Japheth

    Paring Knife quality is so good and its wrap wonderfully, I am so glad to buy this knife

  3. emmy

    i want this

  4. Jessica


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