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Hand Engraved Knife

Meet an exceptional knife that’s hand-engraved like a painting. You can completely customize this stainless steel knife. Order Guide


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World's only hand Engraved Knife with your logo or memory.

Upgrade your knife collection with one of its kind engraved knife. Here at fusion layers, we have an amazing Customized engraved knives. In other words, you can completely customize this knife and have a story or memory engraved on it.

Take a look at the process. Firstly, you’ll share an event, story, family memory, a historical event, or something special. Furthermore, it can be a logo, pet, friend, family, or an item, as well. We’ll take that special detail and engrave on the Fusion knife. Our impressionists use chisel and a hammer to hand carve the artwork on the knife. Hence, all the work on our Knife are done by hand.

Moreover, if you have a longer story to tell, then we can do that on multiple knives.

Furthermore, let’s discuss the amazing handle of the Fusion knife. The handle of the knife has an amazing design engraved on it, as well. If you look closely, you can see the beautifully finished details. In addition, the handle is pin for strength and stability.

Finally, we make these amazing personalized engraved knives with the best quality material. Therefore, it’s excellent for cutting meat and vegetable.

Manufacturing Method:            Handmade 

Blade Material:                            Stainless Steel        

Handle Material:                         Engrave Bolster + Engrave Rosewood + Full Tang

Hardness:                                     55-60 HRC

Blade Length:                             7.5 inch

Handle Length:                          5 inch

Overall Length:                         12.5 inch

Overall Weight:                         490g

Sheath Weight:                          100g

Knife Weight:                             390g

Steps for Engraved Knife.

  1.  Think of your story
  2.  Single knife or multiple knives
  3.  Share your idea in detail through a sketch, illustration, or image and place your order
  4.  This is the most difficult step. Try to wait patiently for your order to arrive. Think of other things while we take care of your order.

To conclude, this custom knife is truly a piece of art. We are sure that with all these amazing qualities, this knife will make a delightful gift. Surely, one can look at the engraved details of this knife for hours.

Customization - making it by hand, exclusively for you.

Hand engraving on metal started when the rulers had their names or symbol engraved on a ring. This ring also served as a stamp. Later on, the nobility had hand engraving done on various materials to demonstrate their power.

Today, Fusion artesian do the same for Engraved knives! However, now it’s done more to cherish a memory or present it as a gift to someone special.

You can order this one of a kind personalized knife and anything engraved in the center of the knife. Here are some ideas for the engraving in the middle:

  • The Name of loved one
  • Company logo
  • A message
  • An image
  • Names of a couple    
  • Multiple images to show a picture story
Gift packaging – for someone special

These Engraved knives are packed in a unique handmade sheath made from pure cowhide leather. Furthermore, the sheath is hand carved and comes with a leather loop for your belt. Even the two buttons on this sheath are made from copper-colored rust-free steel. Moreover, the whole sheath is double stitched for durability and a traditional look.

This sheath will make your hand engraved knife the most cherished and unique engraved gift!

6 reviews for Hand Engraved Knife

  1. Liam Hemsworth

    caQuebec, Canada

    I don’t know if I should put it in the knife drawer, put it on display or just stash it with my treasures. It is truly the most beautifully hand crafted cutlery I have ever owned.

  2. Maxwell

    Beautiful hand engraving 😍

  3. Shereen Saif Khan

    I have already bought the latest engraved chef knifes from FUSION KNIVES.
    They are so intricately engraved it is breathtaking.
    I had my daughter’s name and the date engraved on it when she passed her Cooking Course.
    I’m gonna recommend FUSION KNIVES for Quality and Commitment.

  4. Diana

    Engraved knifes are amazing

  5. Shum

    very unique and beautifully hand engraved knife, customized very smartly as I required.

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