Spiral – Hand Engraved Knife

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Chiseled with perfection to give you a beautiful design on the handle. The limited-edition hand-engraved cutlery is the only one of its kind in the world. The knife engraving is totally worth it!



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Knife Engraving

Add stunning hand-engraved butter knives to your cutlery. Fusion artisans make the beautiful knife engraving with a chisel and a hammer. Moreover, they’re perfect for setting up a stunning table. Additionally, it’s perfect to set up a table for your friends and families over for lunch and dinner.

If you are an aspiring chef or already a pro, it must be no secret that a perfect dining table enhances the ambiance of your meal. We are aware that setting up such a pleasant dining table is not a cup of tea. Therefore, this is an easy trick for you to follow. Just set up the table using hand-engraved cutlery and make your dining special.

The Details

We help you skip boring dining by bringing a personal touch to your knives. Furthermore, we engrave impressive patterns on the best quality silver knives. That’s how we show our love for our customers by bringing them our hand-made knife engraving. Moreover, our spiral-hand engraved knife is perfectly chiseled, providing our customers with a lovely design on the handle. Hence, it’s truly a piece of art. Moreover, it’s one of a kind and only a limited edition.


The engraved butter knife has excellent quality steel. In addition, we ensured that our knives had the best grip. Furthermore, a good grip ensures that there is no mess while using it. In addition, it is safe to use thanks to its sleek edges that don’t hurt the palms of your hands.

Perfect Gift

The flawless knife engraving is your best choice to give as gifts. For those who have a passion for cooking or simply love decorating their kitchen and dining, nothing could be a better gift than these hand-engraved knives.

People fall in love with these knives. In addition, they proudly display these silver pieces on their dining table or their hotels. As these masterpieces help create a lovely dining set.

Manufacturing Method: Hand Engraved

Material: Stainless Steel

Knife Length: 9 inches (Approx)

Knife Weight: 100g (Approx)

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