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Fusion Layers gives you a Promise of Quality & Peace of Mind. Customer Satisfaction is our scale.

Please read & accept our policies about the following. 


The buyer is responsible for the agreement with all applicable laws and regulations.

By ordering, the buyer agrees that FUSION LAYERS has no legal responsibility to the purchaser, or any person, whatsoever arising from any use or possession of purchase products. Knives and related Fusion layers Merchandise may be dangerous, even deadly if used wrongly, carelessly, or illegally.

When you buy Products from Fusion Layers, you agree that you will use the purchased goods safely and legally, consistent with all valid laws, recognized safety rules, and good common sense.

You will take such steps as may be wisely needed or required by the applicable law to keep Fusion Layers Merchandise out of the hands of youngsters and untrained or childish individuals.

Payment Methods

Secure Online Ordering: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX via PayPal

Secure Online Ordering & Legal Disclaimer

We take your personal information seriously and take all steps to protect your information. 

Fusion Layers uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption when passing on payment information.

An icon like a padlock displays on the bottom of most browser windows during secure credit card transactions.

We use a secure server that is very reliable and safe to make sure that your information remains private.

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