Leafy – Hand Engraved Fork

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Beautiful stainless steel fork with hand engraved handle. Amazing flower pattern by our experienced craftsmen. More than 10+ styles are available. Order now!



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Stainless Steel Fork

Fusion introduces marvelous stainless steel forks. Made with outstanding stainless steel. Moreover, the Heavy duty dinner fork have handles that are hand-engraved. They have leafy pattern engraving on them.

From Start to End

First, our manufacturers make stainless steel forks. Then the experienced craftsmen take a chisel and a hammer to do hand engraving. They beautifully engrave the stainless steel table fork handle. Furthermore, they engrave a leafy pattern inspired by nature. The exquisite pattern also has some swirl patterns. The combination of both leaves and swirls looks amazing together. Moreover, it makes the fork look like a garden.

When to use it?

According to one of our users, it is best to feel as if you’re an Italian royal. They enjoy using these stainless steel forks while eating pasta. Moreover, one of the restaurant owners feels that the hand-engraved cutlery makes their restaurant a luxuries place to dine.

Hence, this is perfect for every occasion. One of the users loves to treat themselves by setting up the table using these forks to give them a perfect candlelight dinner.

Truly Special

The custom-made stainless steel forks have excellent quality and design. We hand engrave each handle with careful detailing. Hence, the special detailing makes the product really one of a kind. In addition, the hand-engraved cutlery is something we see royals using. Fusion is making royalty come to life for every houshold.

This cutlery is perfect as a gift for a home or restaurant. It would be really special to see this cutlery while dining. Therefore, it is a must-have for special events. Hence, order Stainless Steel Forks now and welcome the most amazing cutlery in your kitchen.

Manufacturing Method: Hand Engraved

Material: Stainless Steel

Fork Length: 8 inches (Approx)

Fork Weight: 70g (Approx)

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  1. swallen

    quality fork thanks.

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