Floral – Hand Engraved Dinner Spoon

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Hand engraved spoons with elegant and precise detailing. These cutlery pieces will become the highlight of your next dinner. Furthermore, the beautiful high-quality stainless steel spoons are a work of art by our experienced craftsmen.



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The attractive hand engraved spoons are the best choice for a dining table. The set includes 6 stainless steel dinner spoons with a beautiful pattern on the handle. You can also choose and engrave the pattern of your choice. Most people prefer to use it for parties and get-togethers.

Our craftsmen use high-quality stainless steel to make the spoons. These engraved spoons have eye-catching patterns. To create these patterns, the artisans use a chisel and hammer. You can choose the design of your choice. We have a variety of patterns that include flowers, swirls, links, etc. Moreover, each of these patterns is unique and stunning in its way. With this beautiful cutlery, you can have an amazing dinner set-up at your home or restaurant.

This 6-piece hand-engraved spoon set is a must-have. You can use them have for your next dinner party or treat yourself to a classy dinner.

Manufacturing Method: Hand Engraved

Material: Stainless Steel

Spoon Length: 9 Inches (Approx)

Spoon Weight: 70g (Approx)

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