Bread Knife with Camel Bone Handle

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A special bread knife for perfect bread as well as cake slices. This knife is wonderful for bakery times. It gives amazing cutting without breaking apart the meals. This knife is a great help, from cutting freshly baked banana bread to making a sandwich.



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The bread knife, one of the three essential knives

Which three types of blades should be your basic? Chef, Pairing and Serrated or bread knife. Our choice of serrated knives might surprise many. However, the best bread knife will be helpful in many ways. Therefore, you will have only the most required knives on the table with this knife. Indeed, a chef and a paring knife will be helpful in many ways.

For example, a chef knife is a super knife that you will be using for many different tasks, such as cutting meat. On the other hand, a paring knife is needed for cutting more minor things. However, it’s the multiple uses of serrated knives that many people are not familiar with. Here, we list some benefits of a serrated (also known as a bread knives) for you. The blade is suitable for cutting some hard vegetables. Sure, you can use a chef knife for this. But you will find a bread knife more ideal for this.

Best bread knife for multiple uses

This knife is also suitable for cutting squishy things. For example, you will find that our blade is better at cutting a soft tomato than a chef knife or a paring knife. Furthermore, a knife is good at cutting all kinds of bread, which counts when it comes to weight control. A blade helps you cut thinner slices of bread.

No other knife can cut bread thinner than a serrated knife. Hence, a knife will help you reduce your intake of carbs. With a 9.5 inch blade, a Fusion knife with a camel bone handle is the best chef knife you can buy in this price range. Indeed, the length of this knife enables you to cut vertically as well as horizontally.

Furthermore, the blade of this Damascus serrated bread knife is made from steel with 50-55 HRC hardness. Its Damascus patterns make it stand out among the rest. Finally, the 5.5″ handle of this knife is made from camel bone and rosewood with a steel bolster. This handle has a smooth round grip. In other words, its rounded grip is easy on your hand and helps you maneuver the Fusion Knife pretty’s smooth. Therefore, in our opinion, this knife should be one of your most frequently used three knives.

Manufacturing Method: Handmade

Blade Material: Damascus Steel

Handle Material: Steel Bolster + Camel Bone + Rosewood

Hardness: 50-55 HRC

Blade Length: 9.5 inch   

Handle Length: 5.5 inch

Overall Length: 15 inch

Knife Weight: 335g

11 reviews for Bread Knife with Camel Bone Handle

  1. Siera

    Effortlessly slices through heavier crusts. The serrated edge is quite sharp:

  2. Muffin

    This is the second knife that I have bought of the fusion layers range and again I am totally blown away by the superb craftsmanship and quality of these magnificent knives.

  3. Clara

    It’s a good size for larger/round loaves and fits easily in my drawer knife holder.

  4. Tippy Claire

    I bought this serrated knife to use for more than just bread. It’s heavier than many bread knives, which makes it perfect for produce with tough exteriors and soft interiors, such as pineapples and winter squash. It also slices crusty bread thin without crushing it.

  5. Roger

    Good quality item at a reasonable price but most important: IT CUTS BREAD!

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