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Engraved Knife

Would you like to make a happy moment last forever? We offer you Engraved knives that you can use (or display) while looking at your memory, hand engraved on it. Read on to find out how craftsmen created this one-a-kind knife and how you can get your memory engraved on it. Engraved knives are a work of art. Today, there are only a few artisans in the world that can make this detailed engraving. They devote hours of long work and give careful attention to it. We can see their dedicated work through the intricate detail they put on the knife blade. The craftsmen use a hammer and a chisel to engrave the knife.

What’s so special?

Each part of the knife is handmade with engraving completely based on the customer’s choice. First comes the leather sheath made with quality leather. It’s hand-stitched to make the cover sturdy. It also has two buttons that keep the knife safe and intact inside the sheath. The sheath has an amazing design on it that gives the leather a beautiful texture.

Inside the sheath is the phenomenal hand-engraved blade. The craftsmen can engrave the blade with tiny details like the nostril of a stag to leaves.

Every little detail is completely handmade by experienced craftsmen. Just looking at the craftsmen move around the blade with a chisel is a wonderful affair. Moreover, watching the story or a memory come to life on the stainless steel blade is a unique experience. The engraved texture is something one can look at for hours.

Engraved knives

The handle of the knife is also customized and hand-engraved. It also has exquisite detailing based on the customer’s option. Its uniqueness is one of its kind.

Why should I buy it?

The exceptional knife is truly a striking showpiece or collector’s item. Here are some reasons you need to buy it.

  • Expand your knife collection. Display it as your collector’s item.
  • Use it as a promotional business item. You can gift members of staff or use them as a marketing item. You can engrave logos, products, or motifs.
  • Buy them for friends or family. Put a smile on their faces by engraving a memory or story you share with them. Here are some examples.
  • Wedding, venue, date
  • Birth of a child, grandchild
  • Graduation
  • Retirement

However, beware they will be very enthusiastic and a bit emotional. So make sure to have some tissues in hand.

  • Display it as a showpiece in a glass box or frame.

What did Mr. ABC Order?

A client of ours recently went on a wildlife trip, he saw the most impressive stag in the wilderness, and it was a one-off incident in his life. He caught it on camera to preserve the memory, and later, he had a chance to recall the moment indefinitely. The picture was lovingly hand-chiseled onto the seven-inch knife blade.

Okay… I’m convinced. How do I order?

Choose a picture, artwork, pattern, logo, or motif for both sides of the blade.

  • Send your details via email.
  • Have patience and wait for the order to arrive.

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